A little history about Chuck's Electronic Service:


We are a Christian organization and our main mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are all of different denominations but we are all dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus.  We do our best to do what is right at all times.  This is not always easy but it is very rewarding. 

 Chuck Foster started working in electronics in 1979 when he joined the Air Force.  They had him repairing main frame computers and other periphery equipment, as well as controlling the repair/maintenance on the same. He separated from the Air Force in 1986 and completed his degree in Education (BED) with a second degree in Mathematics from the University of Alaska at Anchorage.  He taught public school and worked in consumer electronics in Anchorage till 1996 when he and his lovely wife Joy moved to Florida where they purchased a business called ACE TV and Appliances September 1996.  Shortly there after, they changed the name to Chuck's Electronic Service in order to give honor to Chuck's mentor Ken Bartz who owned Ken's Electronic Service in Anchorage (the best electronic repair shop in Alaska).

  Chuck and Joy began to build the business in Jacksonville, Florida, and soon met Allan Wainwright III. In June of 1997 Allan began to work with CES (Chuck's Electronic Service). Since then the three have been a team.  We began to become successful and branched out to Tallahassee in December of 2000.    We opened Orlando in Jan of 2002 and we opened Tampa in November of 2003.   Ben Crump joined our team in April of 2001 as Parts Manager and has entered the training program as a technician February of 2004.   

Michael Radecker joined our team in February of 2008 and served with us til 2011. We thank him for his service.

Eliesel (Elio) Cuadrado joined our team in 2009 and served with us til 2011. He is currently living in Orlando running his own successful enterprise.  

Cromwell Roberts joined our team as well in Jan 2009 and currently runs the Tallahassee area.

Allan Wainwright moved on to other ventures in April of 2009.  We appreciate his many years of excellent service and wish him the best.

Our dog Mo passed away in 2009 and about six months later, Binky Bear passed away in February of 2010.  They are sorely missed.  We have a burial area near our home with a headstone to mark their graves.  Princess passed in 2012 and Goldie passed in 2011. The best time to love on your pets and on family and friends is while they are still living. 

Ben Crump has had several changes in his life.  He has a new baby boy (congratulations), and he has had the opportunity to help in his families business.  Ben has moved on as of August of 2010 and we certainly appreciate all of his hard work and dedication.  We know that he will do well no matter what he puts his hand to do.

Samuel McInnis was with us for about a year starting in Sept of 2010.  He has since moved on.  May God Bless him in his endeavors.

It is now (2013) Miss Joy and myself covering all areas except for Tallahassee, which Cromwell still covers.